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Counseling Services

Mavin’s counseling services in Arcadia strive to provide our students with a comprehensive service that will help them succeed. Our counselors assist with not only the application process, but also finding what passions and interests ignite a student’s potential. We work alongside our students helping them find their dream schools, careers, enhance their skills, and develop their own road-map to success!

Academic Tutoring

All of Mavin’s Tutors in Arcadia are teachers with years of experience to bring to the table. Our tutors develop customized learning plans tailored to each student’s learning levels and specific needs. Mavin’s tutoring services in Arcadia not only help students improve in their current coursework but our tutors help students develop skills to succeed in their future school work!

Test Prep Services

Mavin’s Test Prep tutors in Arcadia have helped countless students improve their test scores. From SAT, ACT, to AP and TOEFL tests, our Test Prep Tutors in Arcadia have years of experience working with students to master these tests. We modify our Test Prep instruction to benefit each student’s learning level and pace. At Mavin, we aim to make Test Prep manageable yet challenging and exciting!

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The Mavin Difference

Personalized Plan

No more templates, no more cookie-cutters, no more one-size-fits-all plans. At Mavin, we embrace each student as an individual.  We listen and understand every student’s goals and learning needs.  Our fully personalized plans supports students in their academic pursuits and beyond.

Premium Quality

From quality curriculum to expert tutoring, we handpick or create the best resources to help our students. Our experienced tutors and counselors deliver personalized curriculum and closely monitor students’ progress along the way, while communicating with the parents the whole time.


Our full service offerings cover all K12 academic learning needs. Students will have access to a variety of expert tutors and counselors. With at-home, on-site and online services, we work around your needs, schedule and budget.

Proven Results

Our inspiring tutors and counselors not only help students improve academically, ace their tests, or get into the colleges of their choice, but also help them build essential skills for future success.

Students' Speaking

My wife and I interviewed other tutoring centers and found them either too focused on just Asian students or had an arrogant attitude. On the other hand,we have been with Mavin for the last year or so and find this to be a very well-run and professional tutoring center. The owner is an enthusiastic and innovative gentleman who sincerely wants your child to grow into a capable person.  If you want the full suite of services (SAT/ACT prep, college counseling, etc.) you can get them here at a reasonable price. Remember that over 50% of high school graduates (even at Arcadia High School) go directly to community college (which does not require an ACT/SAT). At Mavin we have only experienced one-on-one private lessons in high school (non-AP) math for our senior son and writing workshops for him and his freshman brother. We view this as a valuable long-term investment in their learning and their tutors seem very knowledgeable and very effective. We are quite pleased with Mavin and recommend it to everyone, regardless of your student’s immediate educational goals.

About 3 years ago, I was one of you who had nightmares of being rejected by colleges. Mavin counselors were right there with me throughout the whole process and made me believe that I was actually better than I thought. There are many college counselor out there, but very few has the same passion and love as Mavin counselors have of what they are doing. That’s what makes things different. And most importantly, Mavin introduced Syracuse University, the best university on the earth to me and it changed my life forever.

Mr. and Mrs. Rose are not just any college counselors. They are life mentors to students and a team who genuinely want to help others with the college application process. I loved how they were super detailed about the application process, keep everything very realistic, and also share their knowledge and teach lessons not only applied in the college application process, but also in life. Alongside the student, Mr. Rose and Mrs. Rose conquer the research and building the college application list, essay writing and revision, and work on other supplemental parts of the college application all while tending to every student’s individual needs and wants. I definitely enjoyed the process working with Mr. and Mrs. Rose on my college application, and thank them for helping me with my college process.