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Mavin Writing Program

Mavin’s Academic Writing Course is designed to help rising high school students prepare for college by learning to write argumentative essays, give proper analysis, research effectively, and organize your thoughts concisely! Writing is essential for not only high school but also a successful college career, which is why Mavin’s Writing aims to teach students how to improve their writing. For this reason, Mavin has developed our Writing Series:

  • Level One: Academic Writing
  • Level Two: Creative Writing
  • Level Three: College Level Writing

Topics Include:

  • Improve Your Vocabulary
  • Become an Impressive Writer
  • Organize Ideas Effectively
  • Develop Your Creativity
  • Preparation for College-Level Writing
  • Share Your Stories
  • Create a Unique College Portfolio
  • Build a Passion for Writing

Please check our website for upcoming course dates or call our office (626) 821-9181 for more information on joining our Mavin Speech Program

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