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What is different about your company?

There are a lot of companies out there that do college planning or private tutoring, and we appreciate you taking the time to look at MAVIN.

Mavin learning resources is a company that believes in its people by spending time developing our people and working with students. We seek to make everybody that comes through our doors an inspired learner.

We achieve that through personalized college and career counseling, with all the academic support you need to reach your goals, fully tailored to suit your needs, schedule and budget.

How does your college counseling program work? What are the basics?

Our comprehensive college counseling service extends beyond just getting into college, focusing on bridging the gap between career, life goals and education. We want to instill in the students the habit of starting with the end in mind. If you can visualize where you are going or where you want to be, you will know which path to take, and everything will fall into place to get you there.

So the first thing we do with all of the student to come to our college counseling program is identifying their strengths, weaknesses, interests and especially their goals.

By identifying the students’ goals and helping them to better understand their own goals, we’re able to help students align their current courses and extracurricular activities with their long-term goals. In this way, the goal isn’t just getting into a good college but instead getting into a college that will act as a good springboard to help them with their career and life goals.

After identifying the goals, we help the students develop their admissions strategies and continue to work with them on building their profiles, through curriculum planning, extracurricular activity guidance, and academic needs analysis and support. The goals are broken down into month-to-month action items, a manageable road map with the destination in mind. We meet up monthly to review the action items and make adjustments to new tasks and goals, to make sure the students stay on track and aligned with their goals. This is the critical stage, and best results are achieved when students work with us from 8th or 9th grade.

When the actual application season comes, we work with the students closely on their application, college essays, interviews, scholarship and financial aid application to make sure that they present themselves in the most favorable light while maintaining their own authenticity.

We also offer follow-up support when your acceptance letters come in if you need advice or assistance on your final decision, or wait-lists and deferrals.

Our support continues into your college years, should you need more help transitioning to college, or academic support and transfer service.

How will I work with my consultant?

Our consultants will get to know you personally, through one-on-one consultations. You can work together on the phone, via Skype, Google Hangout, emails, or meet in person – whatever you prefer.

You will meet regularly for the consultant to gain understanding of your interests, goals, and circumstances, and to monitor your progress and help you assess and adjust your goals. Your consultant will also be available whenever you have questions or need help with your college application.

You will be able to utilize our extensive online tools for mapping out your educational and career path, research colleges and manage everything you need for your college application. Your consultant will work with you and your family to devise the admissions strategy that will work best for your particular circumstances, in order to maximize your admissions chances at the colleges and universities you want to attend.
Your consultant may also work with our learning coordinator to create customized learning plans for you if you need extra academic support. Our advisory committee will also communicate and consult regularly with your consultant, as well as review your application before you submit. This collaborative process allows you to benefit not only from your consultant’s own experience and knowledge, but from that of our network of college admissions experts.