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Communications Major

Majoring in Communications

A degree in Communications can be useful in almost any industry. It teaches students how to effectively communicate information to diverse audiences, visually, verbally and in writing. Communications majors also learn how to plan and execute events and projects, with attention to detail and organization. This degree is useful to professionals who need to represent a company, and its services or products, in the best possible way. In business, strong writing and oral communication skills are valued, along with good presentation skills that can portray a solid
knowledge of how a company functions within all of its departments.
As many traditional media outlets such as newspapers, television, and magazines
transition to online platforms, Communications experts play an important role in helping to sell products, in maintaining strong relationships with investors and clients, and in making sure everyone within a business is on the same page. In the media, Communications graduates work
in TV and film production, and in journalism. These jobs can be very competitive, and relevant work experience is a must, so it is crucial that students take advantage of internships or student media
productions while in college. Work is also available in web design, social media, online publishing, and video production. Social media managers are experts at helping organizations to advertise their
products and services online and must use strong writing skills to compose messages showing them in the best possible light. Business reporters cover news in industry and the economy in general, both online and in print. Strong analytic and communication skills are required, both to create contacts with business insiders and to convey information to the public. As technology evolves, more employment in this sector is predicted.
Advertising, marketing, and public relations are all fields that work to maintain a company’s good relationship with the public. Prospective jobs for Communications graduates include creating press releases, writing advertising scripts, developing company presentations, and attending media events. These jobs are available within corporations, government agencies, and non-profit organizations.
Human Resources teams employ Communications graduates to assist in recruiting, training, and retaining strong employees. They also help to ensure that company guidelines and regulations are being clearly communicated, both orally and in print. Human Resources professionals use their public speaking skills to give presentations to employees and to interview job candidates. They use writing skills to create manuals and web content.
Some Communications majors continue on to law school. They also find work in administrative and organizational roles within the courts and legal firms. Legal secretaries and paralegals frequently have degrees in Communications.
Although coursework varies among universities, students majoring in Communications should plan on taking classes in topics such as Communication Theory, News Writing and Reporting, Speech
Communication, Research Methods, Corporate Communications and Public Relations, and Interpersonal Communications.
Majoring in Communications is a great fit for students who are interested in conveying information to others in innovative and creative ways. Strong communications skills are highly sought after, so if you enjoy public speaking and writing content, this may be the ideal degree to pursue.

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