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Majoring In English

Majoring in English

One of the most exciting things about earning a degree in English is the flexibility it offers in terms of career options. English majors graduate with strong communication skills, which are important in any industry. Learning how to write well, create strong arguments, think analytically,
conduct research, and work creatively are helpful skills no matter what job you choose.
Majoring in English no longer means a career as only a professional writer or a teacher. Thanks to the rise of electronic media, more job options exist online than ever before. A good example of these new opportunities is Search Engine Marketing. These marketers use web analytics to help companies market their projects and products via online advertising and search engine optimization (SEO). Digital copywriters create social media campaigns, banner ads, and blog posts. Social media managers use their strong communication skills to promote companies
and manage their presence on websites such as Facebook and Twitter. Corporate bloggers use branding tools to offer free and helpful content to customers via company websites.
Other careers that English majors pursue include technical writing, journalism, editing, and creative advertising. Technical writers create user manuals for products, instruction manuals, and other technical documents. Journalists and news reporters investigate and write articles for news outlets such as online newspapers, television stations, and print newspapers. Managing editors run news departments, with recent job growth occurring in online forums for those possessing a strong
knowledge of web design and electronic publishing methods. Individuals who work in creative advertising are responsible for coming up with new and interesting ways to launch products and write advertising material.
Writers can find work in a variety of fields. Direct response copywriting involves writing fundraising letters, business offers, and other mail-based marketing. Grant and proposal writers develop applications and information materials for organizations seeking funding. Freelance writers work for magazines, newsletters, and websites. Writers also create material for television, radio, and film.
Further career opportunities for English majors include working in public relations, either for private companies or the government, to assist with obtaining positive coverage through using the media to shape their image. Press secretaries are employed by government agencies to inform the public about the agency’s activities, to work on political campaigns, and to write press releases.
Students who are interested in becoming professors and teaching college-level English should plan on pursuing a PhD, which takes approximately five to nine years. Teaching at the high school level
requires a bachelor’s degree plus a teaching certificate, which takes one to two years if it is not included in an undergraduate degree program.
While course offerings vary amongst universities, English majors can expect to take classes in English, American Literature, creative writing, and history. Different genres, historical periods, and international literary works may also be covered. A bachelor’s degree in English prepares students for graduate studies, as well as careers in business, communication, and education. Gaining real world experience, through an internship or volunteer position, will help you decide what career paths you want to explore. The skills you acquire while pursuing this degree are invaluable to any future job.

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