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Majoring In Cyber-Security

Majoring in Cyber-Security

     In September, 2017, the credit-reporting bureau Equifax made a stunning announcement: the personal and financial information of almost 146 million U.S. consumers had been compromised in a hacking breach of Equifax’s computer database. This was just the latest…

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Majoring In Animal Science

Majoring in Animal Science

Animal science majors study the biology, physiology, growth, breeding, nutrition, behavior, and management of animals. They can hold many job titles, in many different fields.Although working in veterinary medicine requires an advanced degree, this is a popular career path for…

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Majoring In Communications

Majoring in Communications

A degree in Communications can be useful in almost any industry. It teaches students how to effectively communicate information to diverse audiences, visually, verbally and in writing. Communications majors also learn how to plan and execute events and projects, with attention to detail and organization. This degree…

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Majoring In Biomedical Engineering

Majoring in Biomedical Engineering

Recently, Forbes Magazine did a study to find the “most valuable” college major. What made a major “valuable” in their eyes? Competitive median starting pay, median mid-career pay, growth in salary, and wealth of job opportunities. The analysts for the Forbes article concluded that Biomedical Engineering is…

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