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My wife and I interviewed other tutoring centers and found them either too focused on just Asian students or had an arrogant attitude. On the other hand,we have been with Mavin for the last year or so and find this to be a very well-run and professional tutoring center. The owner is an enthusiastic and innovative gentleman who sincerely wants your child to grow into a capable person.  If you want the full suite of services (SAT/ACT prep, college counseling, etc.) you can get them here at a reasonable price. Remember that over 50% of high school graduates (even at Arcadia High School) go directly to community college (which does not require an ACT/SAT). At Mavin we have only experienced one-on-one private lessons in high school (non-AP) math for our senior son and writing workshops for him and his freshman brother. We view this as a valuable long-term investment in their learning and their tutors seem very knowledgeable and very effective. We are quite pleased with Mavin and recommend it to everyone, regardless of your student’s immediate educational goals.